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Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County, Inc.
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Upcoming Events/Fundraisers 

Annual Duck Derby Invasion

Event not to miss as our major summer fundraiser is going to be within the next few weeks, if we continue to get rain. We are sorry to say that this was postponed because there was not enough water in the River. On the other side, you have a couple of extra weeks to purchase ducks. Thank you to Motor Supply they had issued a business challenge, so now you can match them and see how many we can sell.
What could be more fun then rubber ducks racing down the Kennebec River, to raise funds for our community? Proceeds raised from the duck race will benefit Hospice Volunteers. Adopt a duck or an entire flock:

$5 donation per duck, or $25 for a quack pack which include 6 ducks.
The top three finishing ducks will receive cash prizes. Ducks are on sale now at: 
The HVSC Office or Skowhegan Area Chamber of Commerce

Karen... Thinking out loud

This weekend as I enjoyed an outing with my sister I was thinking about our annual dinner and auction. My sister and I were able to stay at a cozy Inn in New Hampshire thanks to their generosity of donating a gift certificate to our auction and thanks to the friend that got the winning bid on the voucher for us. The owner of the Inn was the person at the desk who checked us out upon our departure. I told her of my position at Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County and thanked her personally for her donation. She was pleased to hear that her gift got a full bid and she launched into an explanation of why she did it. It is always a privilege to hear how Hospice has touched a family. She is over three hours from the area we serve but still appreciates all that our volunteers do for families.

This Thursday evening is our annual Volunteer Appreciation event. It is always a joy to me to be able to show our appreciation to all the volunteers that have given their time the past year in one or more of our programs.  All the volunteers should have gotten a notification of this event. If you did not receive an invitation or have questions please contact me. We are also asking that you RSVP for this event so we can more accurately plan.

I also want to take a minute and thank everyone that helped us during our participation in River fest. We had volunteers help us under the Big Top during our Bingo event. We also had teens help us during the Move More Kids event. Recently we have also had teens helping us with a cleaning project at our office. Thank you to everyone that helps us with everything we do.


As summer winds down and the nights become cooler it signifies a change of seasons. Sometimes this change can be very difficult for someone that is traveling through a grief journey. We are willing to meet with anyone and discuss how we might be able to assist them with any challenges they may be having in their grieving process.

For anyone who is interested in learning more about grief the 17th annual Wise Management of Grief Seminar will be held Wednesday, September 14th 2016 from 8:30am to 3:30pm at the Seasons Event & Conference Center located in Portland Maine. The keynote speaker for this event will be speaking on “Challenging the Paradigm: New Understandings of Grief and Sudden Traumatic Loss.”  The charge for this informational day is only 10.00 which includes a luncheon. I will be attending  this seminar if you are interested in attending and would  like to ride with me please contact me for  more information  at Volunteer@hvosc.org or 474-7775. Registrations must be submitted by September 6.

Director's View

We have been working on several different programs and projects over the past couple of months and we hope that you are seeing a difference. We would not be able to be where we are without your help and guidance. If there is ever anything that we can do for you please let us know.

Did you know, Word is getting out about the age-friendly work we are helping to do—which is good! However, people seem to think we know a lot about the resources available. We don’t….. Do you have any ideas about where we can look for information about social services and resources?

Response:  Thank you for taking the time to email this question to us! There are two places where I look for information about a program or a service. The first is 2-1-1 Maine and the second is the ADRC website.
2-1-1 Maine is a phone call away (dial 2-1-1 toll free anywhere in the state of Maine) and has a searchable database of programs and services on its website
(http://211maine.org/). There are two ways to search online—you can look by keyword or browse one of the categories. The best part of the search is that it only returns programs that work in your zip code!

Also below you will find a couple of Scam alerts that we would like you to be aware of: 

Connecting to the Internet in a public space like a coffee shop, the library or an airport is a wonderful modern convenience, but it comes with significant risk.  Fraudsters have come up with a number of ways to steal information from you or attack your computer while you are on public Wi-Fi. It is never safe to assume any privacy on public Wi-Fi, even when prompted for a password. Keep your surfing safe when on public Wi-Fi by sticking to things like reading the news and checking the weather. In short, never do anything on public Wi-Fi that requires a password. 

Be a fraud fighter!  If you can spot a scam, you can stop a scam.  


The IRS scam has a new twist. A scammer will call, claiming to be from the IRS and that you will be arrested if you don’t pay back taxes immediately. The caller will tell you to buy an iTunes gift card and put the amount you owe on it. Then you are to call back and provide the 16-digit code that is on the card to complete your payment. The con artist then sells the codes on the online black market and pockets the cash. Know that the IRS only accepts checks, cash and credit cards as forms of payment. And Apple sells iTunes gift cards solely for purchases on the iTunes store and the app store. If you are not shopping on the iTunes or app stores, you should not be using an iTunes gift card.

Be a fraud fighter!  If you can spot a scam, you can stop a scam. If you are being scamed, please contact your local law enforcement. 

From the President

We are always looking for qualified, committed people to serve on the board, if you or someone you know may be interested please contact Executive Director Jason Gayne.

Our next board meeting will be in October. 
Present Board Members include:

Tim Curtis, President
Dana Hamilton, Vice-President
Thomas Desjardins, Treasurer
Kim DeMerchant, Secretary
Steve Davis
Bill Primmerman 
Eunice Thorpe


In Closing

It is important to remember the mission of Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County, which is: Is to care for those with a life limiting illness, provide support and solace to the grieving, and to educate the community.

Also it is important to remember that,  all our services are provided at no charge to all of the residents that we serve.

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