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Dates to Remember:

September 30th - The Gunther Brown Band will be performing at Bigelow Brewing Company located on Bigelow Hill in Skowhegan this night starting at 5pm. We hope that you will be able to make it to this great time. For more information please visit here

October 11th - Board Meeting, 6pm

November 17th - Children's Grief Day and Coping with the Holiday's from 2-5pm

November 23rd - Annual Pie Sale at RFGH and SVH from 630am - 12pm or sold out

Upcoming Events/Fundraisers 

Due to the Lack of Rain next week we will be having the Duck Derby, we will be putting everyones numbers into a bucket and drawing the top three winners, we really wish that we could have done the actual derby and we will next year. If there are any question or concerns about this please let us know ASAP. Thank you to everyone that has helped out during this event, and we will be notifying all winners next week. We will also publish it in the next newsletter. 

Karen... Thinking out loud

WANTED….people with high compassion and reliability. Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County is seeking individuals to be Hospice Volunteers. Do you know of someone who would like to be a part of a great team? We need volunteers in all areas of Somerset County and have delayed our Fall training in hopes of finding more people that have the desire to help individuals with Hospice diagnoses or Life limiting illness. It is a small amount of time to help a neighbor within your community. Please call the office for more information and to register.


Not too long ago I found myself in a small bout of depression. As I slumped into this state I had no motivation to do anything. My pajamas were very welcoming. As I stalled on starting my day I found myself scrolling aimlessly on Facebook. I started noticing how many inspirational quotes some of my friends share on their Facebook pages. I started clicking on a couple that I liked that inadvertently led me to inspirational sites. I started perusing these sites. These sites have famous quotes, love quotes, inspirational quotes, funny quotes, motivational quotes, success quotes and many more. Sites such as www.Daveswordsofwisdom.com, www.morningbeansblog.com, www.keepinspiring.me/postive-inspirational-life-quotes and www.motivateus.com/thoughts-of-the-day.htm are just a few that crossed my computer screen. There are hundreds of sites to refer someone. Simple quotes like “Sometimes the heart is invisible to the eye”, Positive anything is better than negative nothing”, “Be happy…not because everything is good, but because you can see the good in everything” and “ I  will go anywhere as long as it is forward” are a few that caught my eye. As I explored these quotes I noticed that my mood was improving. Soon I was ready to get dressed and start my day with a much better outlook. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have a few positive words improve our outlook on a situation, the day or life in general. Sometimes maybe it is a good starting point. All of us can help by offering our friends, neighbors, family or co-workers some positive words. Sometimes just someone pointing out what a beautiful day it is can help someone or offering a warm smile.   Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County often shares motivational words on our Facebook page.

Our drop in support groups are always available every Tuesday from 2-3 here at the office if you or someone you know is struggling with grief  or by appointment if this day and time does not work for you. 

Director's View

Using the power of music to heal: International superstar and multiple Grammy Award-winner Olivia Newton-John, Grammy nominee Beth Nielsen Chapman and SOCAN Award-winner Amy Sky are lending their vocal and songwriting talents to create LIV ON, a collaborative, newly recorded eleven-song collection intended for those who wish to transcend loss while walking a journey toward new-found meaning and hope. This powerful new album will be available through all digital partners October 7, 2016 and on CD, October 14, 2016. For more information please click here

Nursing home residents who get palliative care consults use hospitals less: Many people, when they hear “palliative care,” may think of hospice. But over the last 15 years, another practice has emerged for people who aren’t ready for that ultimate step: palliative care consults. Early research has suggested that palliative care specialists help patients in hospital or outpatient settings get better control of pain and other symptoms while opting for less intensive care. Now the first study of the effect of palliative care consults in nursing homes finds that the practice is associated with less hospitalization and intensive treatment. For more please click here

From the President

We are always looking for qualified, committed people to serve on the board, if you or someone you know may be interested please contact the Executive Director.
Present Board Members include:

Tim Curtis, Chairman
Dana Hamilton, Vice-Chairman
Thomas Desjardins, Treasurer
Kim DeMerchant, Secretary
Bill Primmerman
Eunice Thorpe 
Steve Davis


In Closing

It is important to remember the mission of Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County, which is: Is to care for those with a life limiting illness, provide support and solace to the grieving, and to educate the community.

Also it is important to remember that,  all our services are provided at no charge to all of the residents that we serve.

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