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Pet Peace of Mind

pet peace of mind

For many on hospice care, a decline in physical condition impacts a patient’s ability to enjoy socializing and maintaining human relationships over time. Pets often fill that relational void as they offer unconditional love, acceptance, comfort and companionship at a time when it is needed most. Pet Peace of Mind, a national program and the only one in Maine, enables hospice patients to keep their pets at home throughout their end of life journey. The programs works to provide pet food, veterinary care, and other pet care needs at no cost to patients. We also have specially trained volunteers to provide in-home pet care assistance when the patient needs help caring for a pet. We will also assist in re-homing a patient’s pet, should the need arise. With this kind and compassionate support, patients are able to complete their end of life journeys without worrying about their pet’s current or future needs.

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Support Groups

support groupAny change in life often brings a feeling of loss and grief. Grief support groups are for anyone who has had a loss; the groups are led by trained facilitators who may help people through the grieving process and in finding their “new normal”. We encourage tears, validate emotions, and we listen. All groups are free of charge.

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Community Education

community education

The Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County statement emphasizes the education that is entrenched throughout the HVSC culture; not only internal education, but education to our community. HVSC is striving to be a leader in providing quality life-limiting care. HVSC believes in providing education to patients, families, and communities we serve.

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Notes from the Community

notes"The passing of our father was so much easier with the supportive services we received from hospice. Whenever and whatever was needed (such as a hospital bed, pain management, Dad’s comfort) was only a phone call away. Hospice made sure we understood the dying process as well as the difficult period of bereavement following his death. Some of our family were able to attend a Bereavement Support Group, which we found to be extremely helpful emotionally. Hospice supports the patient and the family—an amazing group of dedicated people that I am grateful to have had during this time."


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Central Maine Area on Grieving

adult bereavement volunteerTo provide support that encourages the safe expression of grief and loss and fosters each individual’s resilience and emotional well-being. It reaches individuals from diverse backgrounds, and works with grieving families, adults, teens, and children through peer support, outreach, and education. We will offer several different types of support groups based off of the needs that are presented. Over time we will also work to establish a grieve response team that can be used.

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Life Limiting Condition

life limitingSomeone that does not have a hospice diagnosis, and they are living with or have a condition that limits their day to day activities. We will also strive to help the individual to improve their life within that life-limiting condition and provide them with the resources that are needed for them to keep moving forward in the future living with this illness.

Friendly Companion

tender care volunteerWe serve clients that are on medical hospice, with that client they generally have been diagnosed with six months or less to live. When we get a referral we match one of our volunteers with that client for the duration of time. We provide outstanding support, compassion, and respite to the client and the family that is present in the location that we are serving the client in.

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Teens Make the Difference

teen volunteerTeens are the youth of tomorrow, a valuable resource and contribute to the community. In this program the teens will have the opportunity to earn community service credit, as well as experience what it is like to make the difference in someone’s life. This program is to empower teens with leadership and communication skills and provide them with exposure to a different environment, while contributing to the community. They are also going to learn more about the various programs that we offer, in order to better understand the need to support the agency through fundraising and community support.

Vigil Companion

We assist in supporting patients during their final hours of the actively dying stage. The goal is that no one dies alone. Volunteers help in creating peaceful surroundings, sharing in silence with the patient and family. We offer a calm and peaceful presence, or possibly being an active listener if that is what is needed. It is important to provide relief to caregivers or family members or to listen to family share stories about their loved one and lastly you can help the family say good-by to their loved ones.

Vet to Vet Companion

vet to vetThis program pairs military veteran patients with veteran volunteers. We work with veterans to raise awareness and enlist fellow veterans for the physical and mental needs of service members.

As a proud partner in the We Honor Veterans program, Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County is committed to providing the highest quality care to our nation's veterans as they embark on the hard journey.

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We work with the law enforcement agencies in the area that we cover. This is a joint effort that meets once per month and provides resources to the seniors living in our community. The goals for this program are to reduce crimes against the elderly, and to reduce the unwarranted fear of crime that seniors often experience.

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